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About us

What is Martian Brothel?

An Interactive Writing Studio

We are an interactive writing studio & narrative production company who partners with studios and publishers to write and design video games, interactive film & television and transmedia.


Female-led, we want to help create a more diverse and sustainable video game and interactive media industry by changing the way writers and narrative designers work and how studios and publishers hire.

We are the only independent narrative studio that has directly partnered with game studios and publishers to completely own the narrative pipeline, build and manage the narrative team and execute on barrier-breaking, emotionally impactful interactive narratives.

Basically, Martian Brothel can be your complete narrative department -- or simply offer story consultation and writing support for yours.

Image by Nicolas Lobos

Our Values

What We Care About


We are forming a powerhouse of award-winning interactive narrative talent, hailing from Telltale, Sony, Ghost Story, 2K, Riot, and film and television to create a writing studio that offers decades of expertise and talent for our clients and partners to tap into.


Our passion is to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling.

Our studio has just led the writing for the first interactive streaming series in history, in which the audience gets to collectively make story decisions together. 

We’ve also spent the last five years building narrative legos with Ken Levine’s studio Ghost Story games.


Martian Brothel has worked on over six video games with over twelve different partners and clients, since it was founded in 2018.

We value collaboration and can work within any team structure, whether that means forming our own external narrative department and working with internal production and publishing partners – or having individuals completely embed themselves in your team.


In the wake of so many industry layoffs, we believe the business structure for video games must change in order to give writers more stability and opportunities.

Our goal is to partner with major studios and production companies to alleviate the burden of hiring, managing and financially sustaining large internal narrative teams, while also engaging top talent to pitch and write the narrative their games and interactive television shows.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe the power of story comes from individual voices forged by their unique human experiences.

The more diverse the voices we elevate, the richer, more authentic, surprising, and emotionally poignant stories we get to enjoy.

We seek to give talented, underrepresented voices a platform to give perspectives and share stories that the world has never seen or heard before.

Image by Nicolas Lobos

Our Team

Who We Are


Shanon M. Ingles

Interactive Screenwriter & Narrative Director

The founder and narrative director of Martian Brothel is Shanon Ingles, an award-winning interactive screenwriter and BAFTA member.


Martian Brothel is currently partnered with GenVid to lead the narrative of Silent Hill: Ascension (an interactive series) -- and Ghost Story Games, formerly Irrational, on the writing of JUDAS. Other Martian Brothel partnerships have included Firaxis on the writing and narrative design of their RPG system for MARVEL'S MIDNIGHT SUNS -- and MidBoss on their upcoming indie game Read Only Memories: Neurodiver.


Shanon is also known for her work on GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK and at Telltale Games, mainly on both seasons of their WGA-nominated BATMAN series, The Walking Dead: The Final SeasonTales from the Borderlands and Minecraft: Story Mode, which is now on Netflix.


Shanon attended graduate film school at the University of Texas at Austin where she received a Mitchener Fellowship for writing and TA'd for Introduction to Screenwriting. She's interned on Battlestar Galactica and for Richard Linklater's production company Detour. She completed her undergraduate education on a Bright Futures Fellowship at New College of Florida, where she majored in Cognitive Psychology, completed her undergrad research studying Flashbulb Memories of 9/11, and edited the student newspaper The Catalyst.


As a New College of Florida alum, she's heavily involved in Save New College, working with faculty, students, parents, and alums in Florida and the rest of the country to fight off current and aggressive political attacks on higher education and educational freedom. Save New College was recently awarded a Downs Intellectual Freedom Award for 'their tireless efforts to defend academic freedom.'

An Interactive Writing & Narrative Design Studio

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