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What We've Worked On


Partnered with Ken Levine at his new studio Ghost Story Games back in 2018 to help him break the story, build the world and write the narrative for Judas.

Since then, not only have we've contributed to the story and writing, but Martian Brothel has subcontracted three other writers to help pen the game for his studio. 

Established the voices of several principal characters.

Built 'narrative legos' with the former Irrational team and helped re-invent the narrative design on the project, creating innovative new narrative design and quest documents from the ground up.

Penned scenes and wrote dialogue for almost every kind of game mechanic.

Hired and trained several writers.

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER

Conceptualized and created the story pitch for the sequel for Midboss’ indie hit 2064 Read Only Memories.

Subcontracted several writers and narrative designers.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Partnered with Firaxis to help them develop their first RPG system and narrative heavy game.

Lead the Martian Brothel team to help write the narrative and build the friendship system for the Midnight Suns.

Managed two external Martian Brothel writers, trained and managed two internal writers.

Wrote hours and hours of Mass Effect / Telltale-style choice-based scenes, with over 40,000 lines of dialogue.
Established the voice for lesser-known Marvel characters, like Magik and Nico.

Wrote for every character in the game, including Lilith, Blade, Tony Stark, Dr. Strange, Nico, Magik, GhostRider, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Wolverine, Caretaker, etc.

God of War: Ragnarök

Pitching, designing and writing side quests. 

Silent Hill: Ascension

An Interactive Streaming Series

Martian Brothel partnered with GenVid as a complete, full-service narrative studio to hire, staff, write, and design ~20 hours of interactive scripts for their psychological horror series.

Built a transmedia narrative format that’s never been done before.

Staffed, subcontracted and lead the narrative team, managing 12 writers and narrative designers.

Worked with publishing leadership and design at GenVid and Konami, art direction (Bad Robot) and cinematics (Senscape) to bring our story and narrative design to life.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Original Lead Writer for the first episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

Key member of writers room / creative conference.

Successfully pitched new characters to Skybound.

BATMAN: The Enemy Within
BATMAN: The Telltale Series

Principal writer on Batman: The Enemy Within (2017) & Batman: A Telltale Series (2016)

Helped to establish the voices of Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne for Telltale’s spin on the franchise.

Key member of a small writing team, responsible for breaking season story.

Pitched new DC character: Agent Iman Avesta

Pitched Telltale’s unique, new spin on Harley Quinn

An Interactive Writing & Narrative Design Studio

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